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With 366 days (including the leap year day of February 29) covering all aspects of history, you can easily find thousands of basic historic facts on History Unlimited.

Our easy-to-use navigation let’s you quickly find the day, month, and year for which you are seeking information. And our entertaining and informative photos and graphics on every page add to the fun of seeking facts on History Unlimited.

History Unlimited covers events related to politics, entertainment, the arts, sports, business and industry, weather records, natural and man-made disasters, and unusual happenings, plus births and deaths of prominent people, making History Unlimited the “go to” website when you are looking for a particular piece of historic information.

History Unlimited can also serve as a teaching tool for young people and students of all ages. Teachers and home-schoolers can use our website as a “jumping off” point for a quick daily history lesson.

History Unlimited is the latest project from a two-woman team who have been creating, designing, building, and maintaining websites since 1999. We know that History Unlimited will be an important source for people around the world who wish to quickly find historic facts in an easy-to-use, day-by-day format.

So get clicking... and enjoy the incredibly wide range of content that awaits you on History Unlimited.

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